Stitched greetings card - Madder



These hand stitched remnant greetings cards are a celebration of natural textiles and plant dyed colours. Each card contains a remnant swatch of colour hand stitched to the surface of the paper. This card could easily be framed, pinned up in your home for a burst of colour or given as a gift to a loved one.

All fabrics are plant dyed secondhand or vintage textiles. Madder is my favourite dye, producing pinks, red and purple. Here we have a spectrum of these. Red is particularly special as it has taken a long time to achieve this hue. Three options available deep red, bright red and chalk pink.

The cards are a beautiful quality 100% recycled paper with a textured surface. Each comes with a recycled grey paper envelope and in a compostable vegetable starch bio film bag.

Size - A6 when folded 104x147mm

Hand screen printed logo, Printed in The North East.